Valium is a benzodiazepine that has a reliable use for people with anxiety. Unfortunately, many people start out using the medication a few times and become addicted to it. About three million people are prescribed this drug for medical reasons. A lot more use valium recreationally and inappropriately. The generic name for valium is diazepam.

The Signs of Valium Use

You may wonder if someone you know and care about is using this medication. Signs of valium use include:

  • Sleepiness.
    • Sedation.
    • Memory problems.
    • Weak muscles.
    • Dizziness.
    • Feeling nauseous.
    • Having dilated pupils.
    • Vision problems like double or blurry vision.
    • A decreased interest in sex.
    • Driving issues due to slow reaction time.

Valium Addiction Signs

A person who is using valium heavily or may be addicted to the drug include:

  1. Hallucinations.
    2. Confusion.
    3. Depression.
    4. Confusion.
    5. Aggression.
    6. Being hyperactive.
    7. Feeling like you may self-harm.
    8. Seizures.

When a person uses Valium to excess or mixes it with other drugs or alcohol, their body slows down significantly. It could even slow down to the point of death. Also, a person using this medication can lose their inhibitions, causing harm to themselves or others or doing risky activities like having unprotected sex.

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Addiction to Valium

One of the main characteristics of using diazepam and valium is that tolerance to the medication builds over time. Your body becomes used to the drug, and you find yourself needing more valium to help you feel that sensation of relaxation that you used to have. You can become addicted to Valium reasonably quickly. Eventually, your doctor may quit prescribing the medication. Then, if not handled correctly, the valium user might choose to go to the streets for their drugs. Addiction to Valium occurs in as few as several weeks for some individuals. And withdrawal symptoms are hard to deal with without help. The Valium addict will need a medical detox setting to help them get off the drug.

Detox and Rehab for Valium Use

Life becomes overwhelming at times for everyone. If you’ve been using valium to deal with the stresses of life, you’re not dealing with those stresses; you’re just medicating them. Once the detox period is over, you’ll need to learn how to cope with the pressures of life. An excellent rehab teaches their clients how to release tension and deal with stressors while getting the valium and addiction out of your life. You’ll need to make decisions about toxic people, places and things in your life so you can live your life as stress-free as possible. If you work your program, you’ll come out of rehab with a whole new, positive outlook on life.Related image

During the rehab phase of treatment, you’ll be given the support you need from trained counselors, medical personnel and from the people around you. You’ll receive the medical help and diagnoses you need to get your mind straight once again. You’ll learn techniques to release stress safely, refuse substances that will harm you, and determine what triggers you to want to use drugs. You’ll have individual counseling to focus on you and your personal needs. You’ll also have the benefit of group counseling, where a small group, led by a counselor or other expert, can share their experiences and support.

Sober Living and Aftercare 

A superb drug rehab program won’t just release you back into the world without preparation. You’ll have the opportunity to experience a sober living environment where you’ll start to work or go back to school again. And you’ll be set up with counseling and group therapy that will continue once you’re discharged from the program. You’ll be able to handle stress when it comes in your life, and you won’t need medication to help you relax.

For more information about Valium addiction, visit The Recovery Village.