A smile is one of the best human emotional response because it is contagious. And a beautiful smile is well complemented with an attractive set of teeth. No wonder the generation today has become more beauty savvy. But the stress of everyday life has taken its’ toll on the teeth. Age and faulty lifestyles have led to premature yellowing of teeth.

Cost of pearly whites:

Your local dentist will offer teeth whitening services at an extra cost. But with your busy lifestyle, there is no way you can flaunt that shiny smile without investing an hour out of your already hectic schedule. Luckily, the market has now introduced many teeth whitening products that offer the same results as a dentist, in the comfort of your home. And the best part, they are available at a pocket-friendly price.

The methodology of teeth whitening strip:

Teeth whitening strips are flexible and contain a white gel that releases hydrogen peroxide on coming in contact with water. This peroxide then acts like a regular bleach, treating the yellow stains below the tooth enamel surface.

Right strip for the right shine:

The market is filled with reputed companies such as Crest, Glamorous, Nicotex and Johnson that offer the best teeth-whitening solutions in the world over. Crest Strips have gained popularity over the years. This is because it provides the fastest teeth whitening results in the shortest frame of time. Crest 3D whitening strips have been formulated for daily wear for 30 minutes. Consistent usage of this product for 10 days will produce the best results.

As mentioned earlier, these strips are easy to put on. You can continue with your daily chores while using this product. However, it is advisable to consult your dentist before using this product. Some of the harmful side effects of this product include swelling of gums and gingival infection.