Addiction is a kind of emotional disease. Most of the people usually try to escape from their emotions by taking drugs or alcohol. They usually find their emotions to be very painful, which was really difficult for them to handle and drugs or alcohol provided them an easy escape.

Unfortunately, their escape route has become a reason for more emotional distress. Drugs or alcohol neither made life any better nor it could erase any emotions, but created an additional problem of addiction. Sobriety is not considered as erasing emotions but learning to handle your emotions properly and end up growing stronger.

How your emotions can lead to any drug addiction

Some of you may have struggled with depression, anxiety or any other mental health issues and you simply did not know how you can deal with your everyday feelings. That is possible, but you do not have to find your own cure through drug or alcohol. You must understand that use of drug is not the answer for your problem.

There are recovery programs for a better today recovery services available where people are taught to control their emotions, as many addicts cannot do that intuitively.

How you can manage your emotions in recovery

Controlling of emotion starts when you learn how to do it. As mentioned above, at the rehabilitation center these things are specially taught how to recognize your unhealthy feelings or responses and how to control them. You have used alcohol or drug to control but failed. Therefore, you need to learn these new techniques to control and manage your various kinds of emotions.

Listening to music

There are few techniques for controlling your emotions available with the help of certain physical activity like listening to any soothing music or watching a positive TV shows etc. You may also have discussion with your therapist about your feelings so that he can guide you.