Athletes, runners, and people who love to use high-heeled footwear know how painful it is to sprain their ankle, but there are also conditions that cause you to feel pain and discomfort in your ankles. This pain could be caused because of an injury such as a sprain, the most common injury or another medical condition.

Need not to research anymore, but according to experts, the most obvious source of pain from your ankle is spraining it which makes up the eighty-five percent of the total ankle related injuries according to health experts. This causes to swell, and you feel numbing pain when you overstretch the tissues and ligaments that connect the bone and the ankle tissues on your foot.

The most common sprains are lateral sprains, and this happens when you accidentally roll your foot that causes your external portion of your ankle to twist toward the ground, and this results to your ligaments ripping off which is the main source of pain.

If you ask any athletes particularly in basketball where most basketball players experience ankle sprains once or twice in their lifetime will tell you that the bruising, swelling and the painful sensation usually lasts two weeks depending on the severity of how they rolled their ankles, however, there are some instances that the ankle should undergo surgery due to the severity of the injury where the doctor has to reconnect the torn ligaments and tissue of the ankle.

Making this injury awful and long-term is that there is a huge possibility that the injured ankle will become weaker and lesser stable because of the torn ligaments that were not properly fixed during a natural healing process, and according to health experts, the biggest risk of getting another ankle sprain is having another one.

Aside from injuring it while having movements, there are also other types of causes of ankle pain, and one of it is arthritis, as well as gout, nerve injuries or sciatica, blocked blood vessels, or joint infection.

A sprain is usually caused when you roll your ankle or twist it towards the ground, which results in the tear of the ligaments of the ankle that hold the bones together. When you roll your ankle, it also causes damage to the cartilage and the tendons of your ankle.

There are medical conditions such as gout that causes pain around your ankle, this is due to the high level of uric acid in your body. Uric acid is a by-product of your body’s normal breakdown of old cells which results in crystallization in your joints that causes sharp pains around your ankle and other joint areas. This also includes arthritis that causes ankle pain when your joints are totally inflamed.

Ankle pain treatment

If you suffer from ankle sprain or any of the above-mentioned types of injuries and conditions that cause pain around your ankle, you should try some remedies that can be done at your home like resting, applying ice bag, compression either hot or cold and elevate it for a certain period of time or you can buy pain relievers at your pharmacies such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

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