The concept of crowdfunding rose as a funding solution for humanitarian, personal, artistic and community-related causes. Though these kinds of projects still find funds through crowdfunding as actively as ever, crowdfunding platforms see campaigns for a much wider variety of causes today.

An analysis was conducted in 2016 to measure the employment opportunities created by projects that were kicked off by crowdfunding in Spain. This was the first ever attempt to observe jobs created through crowdfunding. In 2012, Spain saw 2,825 campaigners that launched crowdfunding India initiatives, collectively attracting 400 million euros!

That same year, 3,000 new jobs were created through crowdfunding in a country where the economy is in recession. The following year, over a whopping 5,000 new jobs were created!

The role of a crowdfunding platform like Impact Guru or Kickstarter is not simply to connect projects to capital. No other form of fundraising or investment is as flexible and limitless, letting a campaigner enjoy the benefits of crowd-wisdom and market research for as nominal a fee as crowdfunding. Moreover, crowdfunding allows for the reduction of financial risks involved in investing as it encourages a much larger audience to take part in the funding process.

This man from Bengal is turning to crowdfunding to create employment

For the longest time, Dipendu from Jalpalguri has been plagued by the extent of poverty and unemployment in his region. Jalpalguri is considered the most backward when it came to progress, due to a constant dearth of jobs. A recent report showed that at least 1.2 lakh people are illiterate in the district alone. And because parents can’t find jobs, their children ended up either dropping out or never going to school, building a vicious cycle of poverty.

Dipendu then came up with the most wonderful solution one could think of to the cruelest of problems. Ice cream!

With the decision to take charge and spark a change in his community, Dipendu turned to Impact Guru with a project idea that needed help with funding to take flight. He planned to build an ice cream factory to create jobs for at least 100 adults. Lengthy processes of availing a loan drove Dipendu to turn to crowdfunding, hoping to make his project a reality in the next few months.

Thousands of campaigners like Dipendu, who are no more extraordinary than the average Indian, are successfully crowdfunding to find solutions for community development. These are not philanthropists, celebrities or influencers. If they can do it, so can you. Join the effort to build a better world today. Start crowdfunding and impact lives.