We all know the toll a bad breakout can take on our self confidence. We’ve all experienced having an angry red zit pop up out of nowhere, making us feel self conscious and embarrassed. Just as having bad skin can deeply affect our self esteem, skincare is about more than just vanity. It can help improve our mental health and self image. Here’s how:

Skincare Can Boost Your Mood

Certain natural scents can boost your mood, re-energize you, or uplift your spirits when you’re feeling down. Many skincare products these days contain aromatic botanical ingredients and plant extracts that can affect your mood for the better. These ingredients include lemon, lavender, jasmine and rose. Well Within Beauty, a beauty and wellness brand, uses many of these ingredients in their best organic beauty products.

For example, lavender has natural calming properties, and can help alleviate emotional stress. Inhaling this scent has a soothing effect, and lavender essential oil is commonly used in products that treat headaches and migraines. As a skincare ingredient, it has purifying properties, and can calm, soothe and balance skin. This super ingredient can be found in Well Within Beauty’s Balance + Calm Toning Lotion.

Skincare Can Boost Your Self Confidence

When you have beautiful, clear skin, you naturally feel more confident and less self-conscious out in public. Having a solid skincare routine and developing good skincare habits are essential to have healthy, radiant skin. Don’t just rely on topical products alone; nourish your skin from deep within by taking nutritional supplements that can strengthen and protect it.

Other good skincare habits to develop include drinking plenty of water every day, getting enough sleep every night, and adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Regular exercise can also do wonders for your skin, as it promotes blood circulation and improves cell regeneration, giving you a healthy, youthful glow.

Skincare Can Calm You Down

Mindfully going through a skincare routine is often therapeutic for those who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks or depression. For some, it’s akin to meditation, while for others, it gives them a sense of control. Amy Wechser, M.D., a New York physician who is double-board-certified in dermatology and psychiatry, says, “When someone is depressed or anxious, a routine provides a sense that they have control over their skin, their body, and consequently part of their life.”

The act of slathering on lotions and creams can be very relaxing, while giving yourself a facial massage can help lower your heart rate. Performing these beauty rituals at night before bedtime can help you have a more restful sleep.


The next time you see an ad, article or video about skincare, don’t just dismiss it as a shallow or frivolous pursuit. Taking good care of your skin doesn’t mean you’re hopelessly vain. On the contrary, it is a healthy habit to that comes with a host of benefits, including improving your mental health.