Some decades ago, people associated signs of aging with being in your late 30s or 40s. These days, you can get wrinkles and fine lines even in your 20s – blame our diets, pollution levels and lack of physical exercise if you must, but the good news is that the good thing is that cosmetic treatments have improved considerably in recent years. You don’t need to go for an expensive facelift procedure to restore the beauty of your face. One of the better options is dermal fillers, and if you look online for brands you will find Juvederm® on the top of the list.

Basics of Juvederm® dermal fillers

For the uninitiated, dermal fillers are used to contour the skin and get rid of the fine lines, wrinkles and hollows caused by aging and other factors. There are various kinds of injectable fillers available today, and hyaluronic acid is one of them. Juvederm refers to a family of HA dermal fillers which help in correcting face folds, wrinkles and more. Juvederm products feel like a smooth gel, and some of them (Juvéderm XC products) even have a local anesthetic agent, so you won’t feel the pain of the injection. Over the years, Juvederm has emerged as one of the best brands for dermal fillers. Juvederm products are ideal for getting results on lips, cheeks, hands, noses and perioral lines.

Things worth knowing

Please note that dermal fillers are not same as Botox injections. Juvederm is a known brand for effective dermal fillers, but depending on the facts of the case, one may need more than one syringe. As for the results, most of it depends on two major factors – the injection site and the patient’s skin. Typically, the results with Juvederm last for about six months to a year. If you are considering Juvederm, please spend some time in finding a good clinic. Most cases of where dermal fillers have gone wrong is related to wrong administration of such injections. Check websites of known clinics, such as, where you can find more details. Also, check with the practitioner to know the list of do’s and don’ts, which includes avoiding alcohol for at least two weeks.

Before giving a nod to the procedure, ask relevant questions and check a few ‘before & after’ pictures so as to get a realistic idea of the results. Juvederm is a famed brand, and as long as you are getting treated at the right clinic, you won’t have to worry about face wrinkles anymore.