If you have become eligible for benefits under EEOICPA, you would be required to file documentation as proof of your employment under the Department of Energy. It may not be an easy task for all workers who had worked under the Department of Energy as they would have worked under them a long time back. You should rest assured that Energy employees occupational resource center would assist you in the best manner possible.

To become eligible for receiving compensation and home health services under the EEOICPA (Energy Employees Occupational, Illness Compensation Program Act), the claimant should be able to meet the specific criteria laid down by the Department of Energy. Find below the criteria along with other documentation that would be essential for the claimant to be considered successful for claiming the benefits under EEOICPA.

What supporting documents would be required under EEOICPA?

When filing the claim for compensation, the present or former Department of Energy employees should demonstrate their eligibility by providing the federal government with essential paperwork. This would need taking the below-mentioned specific steps:

  • The resource center would help you file a claim in writing by filling out various kinds of forms. The claimant would be required to file Form EE-1. However, for the survivors of the family members looking forward to filing for a claim, form EE-2 would be appropriate.
  • They would verify employment at the covered site.
  • They would also be required to provide medical evidence determining that the claimant had suffered an occupational and covered illness.

You should rest assured that approval or denial of a claim would be dependent on the proof of employment of the claimant at the covered facility. It would also be dependent on the diagnosis of covered illnesses or medical conditions. It would be imperative to keep your medical documents related to the illness along with evidence of employment at a specific working siterelatively safe.