Live in caregiver is involved in re-enabling, enabling, supporting and caring for the elders as one way of ensuring that they are living in a joyful home that is familiar and comfortable. They have the clients that are unique, showing that roles played by them vary from one to another. On a number of occasions, there is a change of their roles either on a daily basis or a weekly basis. This can be observed as a great advantage that is associated with the caregivers. The care that they offer takes place face to face and is always tailored towards ensuring that it meets the preferences and the needs of their customers.

The Main Roles That They Play


Live in caregiver offers end of life care and palliative care to their esteemed customers that are considered to be perfect as it makes them be always attentive to their customers’ needs as a result of building up a strong relationship with them.

Live in caregiver are also involved in the packing of the houses following the death of an elder which they consider as a nice thing. This is so because they are in a good position of grieving and centering themselves before they proceed to start a new post.

Live in caregiver always ensures that they have the best professionals in their services. They do this by police checking, reference checking and background checking as one way of ensuring that the security of the client is maintained and he/she has a peace of mind. They have a rigorous process for employment that is constant as one way of ensuring that those chosen in offering daughterly care are the best.

Live in caregiver has workers with an experience that is exceeding ten years. This is one way of ensuring that they take good care of the older people and have a pride as a result of drawing on their respectful wealth arising from their experience which aids in the assistance of their clients.

Live in caregiver are always proud of their carers and have been in the field for a number of years working for the Daughterly Care. As a result of this, the capabilities and the personalities associated with them are widely known to a number of clients. Thus, with this experience they at a good position of directing their clients to the correct caregivers that they have in terms of their needs and personality.

They Give a Promise to a Quality Of Life That Is High


Live in caregiver performs a role that is ongoing by their support ensuring that the clients have a quality of life that is joyful. They always offer care to their clients up to the stage of palliative care. Thus, live in caregiver are always ready to offer support to those in need of their services.