You probably didn’t know that according to 2013 research, people that live in the US spent more than seven billion dollars on cosmetic surgery. The most popular treatments are rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, where the main idea is to change our appearance and increase aesthetical appeal. But it is essential to understand that plastic surgery comes with certain risks that you should have in mind before you choose an appropriate surgeon.

We recommend you to visit this website to learn about tips from plastic surgeons that you should remember. For most people, any surgery is a horror story.

If you wish to undergo cosmetic surgery, it is vital to be aware of both risks and benefits. We are here to present you the most common plastic surgery complications that could happen:

  1. Hematoma

A hematoma is a problem that could occur due to some difficulties, and it is a pocket of blood that resembles a bruise, but it is painful and extensive.

It happens approximately in one to six percent of breast augmentation procedures, and it is one of the most common side effect and complication after conducting a facelift.

Have in mind that hematoma can happen after any surgery, and in some cases, you will have to undergo additional one so that you can drain the blood from the hematoma.

  1. Nerve Damage

It is also vital to remember that nerve damage can happen in numerous surgical procedures that you wish to undergo. Tingling and numbness are common after cosmetic surgery, and that could be the sign that the nerve had significant damage.

In most cases, women tend to experience this particular problem especially when it comes to sensitivity after breast augmentation surgery, and fifteen percent of them lose nipple sensation, which is a horrible thing.

  1. Infection 

Since postoperative care includes things that you should do so that you can reduce the risk of infection, it is one of the most common problems that could happen after plastic surgery. For instance, in breast surgeries, cellulitis can occur between two and four percent of cases.

In some specific moments and areas, infections can be severe and internal, and then you should consume IV antibiotics.

  1. Pulmonary Embolism and Deep Vein Thrombosis\

DVT or deep vein thrombosis is a severe condition that affects blood clots that start to form within deep veins, and the most common place where it happens is legs. When these cots break off, they will travel toward lungs, and that could cause pulmonary embolism.

Even though it is an uncommon condition among the general population, have in mind that it can lead to fatality. We recommend you to click here if you wish to learn more on DVT.

  1. Scarring

Most cosmetic surgeries will result in some form of scarring. Have in mind that this particular type of surgery is continuously improving techniques and methods that will help you look more beautiful than before, a first few weeks can be troubling.

For instance, if you get hypertrophic scarring, you will have a thick raised scar which will be abnormally red. This particular problem happens between two and five percent of procedures such as breast augmentation.

  1. Appearance Dissatisfaction

Most people tend to choose cosmetic surgery with the idea to increase and boost their appearance and aesthetical appeal. At the same time, we can say that most of them are satisfied with postoperative outcomes, but there are possibilities for you to get disappointed afterward.

For instance, people that decide to change the size of breasts can experience asymmetry and contouring issues. Have in mind that facial surgeries can also lead to severe complications and disappointment.

  1. Complications With Anesthesia

All surgical procedures require anesthetic that will help you pass the surgery without feeling pain and the procedure. Have in mind that general anesthesia is dangerous and it will make you unconscious, and that will lead to additional complications as well.

Therefore, you can quickly get a stroke, lung infections, and heart attack that can lead to death. Other risks include waking up disoriented and confused and with severe shivering and anxiety. Some people even wake up in the middle of the surgery, which could cause a mistake.

  1. Organ Damage

It is vital to remember that liposuction can be a traumatic procedure for internal organs. One of the most problematic complications that could happen is punctures or visceral perforations as soon as surgical probe enters into contact with organs within your body.

It is challenging to repair these injuries, and it will immediately require a new surgery, which will put a significant amount of stress on your body, so the chances are high that it will end with a fatality.

  1. Seroma

This particular condition happens when serum from your blood end beneath the surface of the skin, which results in pain and swelling. Overall, it will appear like a massive blister, and it can happen after any surgery.

It is one of the most common complications so you should prepare yourself for remedies that will make you feel uncomfortable.