Genetic testing is basically a type of medical test which is used to identify a change in the proteins, chromosomes, and genes. Through the result of the genetic analysis, you can get the confirmation and know about the suspects for the problem of genetic problem. It will let you know the changes for developing the genetic disorder. There is more than 1000 genetic test which is used currently.

There are several methods used through which one can go for the genetic testing. These methods include:

  • The first test is molecular genetic tests which will study your single gene. It will even get you the result for the short lengths of DNA which will help to identify the variations which are the probable reason for the genetic disorder.
  • The next test is a biochemical, genetic test. It is the study which will discuss the activity level for the abnormalities and proteins. They can even help you to indicate the variation in the DNA through which one can know about the genetic disorder.
  • Chromosomal Singapore genetic testing is another method to test. They will let you analyze the whole chromosomes or even the extended length of the DNA. The testing will help to check the large genetic changes which include extra copy which can cause the genetic problem.

Testing of the genetic is voluntary. There are different benefits, limitations as well as the risk associated with the genetic testing. The testing is primarily the complex and will surely keep the things personal. You can also consult with the genetic counselor who will let you know about pros and cons of the testing.

What Are Different Types Of Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing will let you provide the detailed knowledge about the personal genes as well as chromosomes. The available genetic testing includes:

  • Newborn screening: it is screening which is done after the birth which is needed to identify the genetic disorder. The screening is done to treat the problem early in life. There are millions of babies who are tested each year.
  • Carrier testing: it is testing which is done to identify whether the person has gene mutation or not that can create the problem of genetic disorder. It is the type of testing which one can offer for the individual who either has a history of the genetic problem.
  • Parental testing: we go through the parental Singapore genetic testing which will detect the probable chances for the fetus genes before birth.

These are some necessary testing which is done to check whether a person is facing the problem of a genetic disorder or not.

How Can You Conduct Genetic Testing?

Once a person is thinking to proceed through medical checkup which includes genetic testing, specialist or primary care for a doctor then you can probably order the test. Genetic testing is a significant part of the genetic consultation which is performed by taking a blood sample, skin or hair. The sample will go to the laboratory, and according to the results, the further process will be managed.